The implementation of a Management system based on the family of ISO standards and its subsequent certification are without a doubt actions that lead to a company to differentiate itself from the rest and take advantage in the market, Since it is shown that the management of the company follows a quality standards, for this reason Burotec helps businesses throughout the process of implementation and certification to obtain successful results.

If you are OHSAS certified 18001, you need to migrate to ISO 45001, because the norm BS OHSAS 18001 will cease to be valid on 12 March of 2021. As of March 2020, all audits will be conducted in accordance with ISO 45001:2018.

We have the experience and knowledge to make your migration to ISO 45001 it is done in the most effective way possible.



  • An initial diagnosis of your organization. Study of the current state
  • Manual design of quality and operating manuals of its activity according to ISO
  • Implementation of the system and advice throughout the process
  • Training for the proper development of the system
  • Implementation of specific software systems development
  • Internal audit , to assess the level of compliance of the system
  • Accompaniment in the certification
  • Consultancy focused on the improvement of their processes with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in their departments and excellent quality


Under Norma ISO management systems

  • ISO quality system 9001
  • ISO environmental management system 14001
  • Energy efficiency ISO system 50001
  • Safety at work based on ISO management system 45001
  • The ISO information security management systems 27000
  • Other specific systems consulting.


Advantages of implementing ISO system

  1. Efficient management.
  2. Compliance with regulations that we apply
  3. Improve communication with suppliers.
  4. Improvement of bids and contracts.
  5. Improvement of corporate image.
  6. Increase in market share.
  7. Definition of indicators which allows us to measure the improvement.
  8. Certification by third party system.


Request a presentation and you will know the direct benefits that gets your company from the first moment

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Auditing and controlling: OHSAS 18001 e ISO 45001