Burotec advises le that its sanitary products obtain the certification corresponding to be marketed in the European market.

Burotec is a Spanish company with 25 years of experience offering European regulatory consulting services. We are specialized in medical devices and In Vitro . We help companies to comply with regulatory obligations and quality. These are our services:

Burotec is the company you need to certify your medical device and sell its product in Europe:

  • Experience: We have been working in the sector from ago 25 years
  • Knowledge: We are real experts in European regulation
  • International presence: We have offices in Spain, United States and China
  • Experts: our team are qualified professionals who will make your project a success
  • Methodology: We help you every step of the way, Permanent online consultancy and communication transparent

The main services that we offer in the health sector and medical devices are:

  1. Of a medical device or medical device CE marking
  2. License of functioning of the installations of sanitary products
  3. Technical service guarantee
  4. Management of the health quality with ISO 13485

To learn more about our services and how we can help, You can send your inquiry to info@burotec.es or call to the +34 91 376 89 50 and request information without commitment, We are at your disposal.

medical product
medical product