Burotec offers specific engineering services, Consulting and inspection for the construction sector.

The construction industry raises important challenges of management and project planning for companies. Materials and products that will work must meet very specific requirements of safety and quality. Therefore it is essential that technicians who manage their project know in depth these regulations. In Burotec we have a team of multidisciplinary professionals and 25 years of experience in these activities.

The main services that we offer in the construction sector are:

  • CE marking of construction product

  • Approval of steel and steel product

  • Certification of machinery and equipment

  • ISO quality control 9001

The satisfaction of our customers is our main goal. We are looking for that your product meets all the necessary requirements, solving works in the shortest possible time. We work with manufacturers, importers and distributors and other agents of the sector.

To learn more about our services and how we can help, You can send your inquiry to info@burotec.es or call to the +34 91 376 89 50 and request information without commitment, We are at your disposal.