BUROTEC, has engineers, Architects, Graduates in environmental, Technicians in occupational risk, Quality consultants, Security, Environment, Technical managers, you make up a multidisciplinary team with ability and technical expertise to provide comprehensive services to measure.

We carry out:

  • Turnkey industrial projects

  • all consulting necessary to implement business nationwide networks

  • Comprehensive management service, licensing, authorizations, quality control

  • Technical rules, job security, safety coordination, technical studies, feasibility studies, Management and implementation of corporate brands

in different sectors of the industry:

  • Fuel service stations networks.

  • Franchise networks.

  • Network of offices.

  • Shopping malls.

  • Agro-alimentary industries.

  • Industrias Mecanicas.

  • Industry in General.

  • Manufacture of construction products.

  • Manufacture of iron and steel products.

  • The automobile industry.

  • Dealers and auto service.

  • Corporate buildings.

  • Hospital centres.

  • Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Renewable energy.

  • Trucking and rail.

  • Logistics and distribution.

  • Supply and transport of energy.

  • Centers for decontamination of vehicles

To learn more about our services and how we can help, You can send your inquiry to info@burotec.es or call to the +34 91 376 89 50 and request information without commitment, We are at your disposal.

Engineering projects and licenses
Engineering projects and licenses