What is meant by risk assessment

The assessment of risks are can define as the process of assessment of danger in the place of work, the employer has an obligation to ensure the safety and health of workers in all aspects of employment. The purpose of an assessment of risks is, precisely, allow entrepreneur to take adequate measures to ensure the safety and protection of the health of workers.

The main objective of the risk assessment must always be the prevention of labour risks; When not be possible to eliminate them, You should try to reduce them and control them. The risks should be reviewed periodically.

Employer's responsibilities

It is up to the employer

  • Decide how to conduct the assessment.

  • Selection of the staff responsible for evaluating.

In any type of organization, the entrepreneur must decide who will conduct risk assessment. These people may be: the own entrepreneurs, qualified employees appointed by employers or external services.

  • The measures of prevention, control and monitoring.


  1. Take the company's data

  2. Analysis of risks

  3. Estimation and assessment of risks

  4. Corrective measures

  5. Plan of action

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