The business strategy is defined in our quality and environment policy.

The satisfaction of our customers and our staff is the strategic point of reference of the Group and that all must promote, to do this:

  • We will provide consistent services quality.
  • We understand and will fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • We will maintain an effective management system.

In addition and to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities on the environment, the General direction of BUROTEC, on the basis of a scrupulous compliance with environmental legislation, establishes general objectives and commitments:


  • Implement effectively the system of quality and environment, making the principles and commitments of this policy are known, covered, developed and maintained at all levels of the Organization every.
  • Ensure that all its activities and services are developed within the framework established in the present policy, continuously improving the effectiveness of the system of management of quality and environment, including the prevention of the pollution that we produce with our activities and services.
  • ES, because, our intention to improve continuously the quality management and environmental of our company through a periodic assessment of our management system that will allow us to progressively raise new and more ambitious goals


  • Comply with legislation and regulations, both in terms of how environmental quality, as well as other commitments voluntarily undertaken and, to the extent possible, implement programs that exceed such legislation
  • Using environmental criteria in the selection and evaluation of suppliers who work to BUROTEC requiring a behavior in accordance with our policy of quality and environment.
  • Ensure that all employees receive proper training to comply with their obligations and responsibilities. Develop training plans for employees in order to increase their readiness and motivation regarding the environment and the quality of our services.
  • A rigorous assessment of our environmental issues and establish a program of actions that reduce the environmental impacts associated with these minimum, wherever technically and economically viable, acquiring thus the Organization a commitment to pollution prevention.
  • Pointing to its workers, customers, suppliers and general community, the company's commitment to explicitly, both in terms of quality and environmental management.
  • Develop and implement a plan of communication to raise awareness about this policy and the commitments made by the company to own staff and third parties who operate within our facilities.
  • Prevention of the pollution and the environmental impact as an essential element to consider when new projects are evaluated, services and operations to perform.
  • Perform operations by making rational use of energy and other natural resources. Promote the energy efficiency and recycling.
  • Cooperate with technical organizations appropriate to the protection of the environment.