Burotec It governs all activity in relation to our Statement of values

  • Orientation to the customer and their needs
  • Excellence and sustainability
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Transparent communication

is an international company offering flexible services key in hand in the field of quality control, inspection of products and technical audit services, assistance and labour and industrial safety control, Engineering and project management in any country in the world.

Burotec is throughout the chain of value of any industrial process from the project phase to the commissioning and delivery of equipment and installations.

  • Studies in phase of project
  • Engineering: Design
  • Technical assistance, with rules, authorization
  • Quality control of processes
  • Environmental control. Energy saving
  • Technical assistance: Construction management, safety coordination
  • Inspection of products, equipment, facilities
  • Management with laboratories, trials in accordance with directives
  • Component type-approval, CE marking, international quality standards
  • Audit of 3rd part
  • Tailor-made training

Presentation by Burotec
Presentation by Burotec