Inspection of equipment and materials

Burotec provides international inspection services besides other industrial products and consumer.

We have more of 300 inspectors credited the world to give a professional and quick response to your needs.

The objective is that the materials acquired by the customer are perfectly appropriate to them terms and conditions proposed, the required specifications and purchase orders.

  • Dimension inspection
  • Identification of traceability

Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is performed in commercial ports around the world, to assure the buyer that the purchased product meets all specifications and requirements before being sent.

Progressive inspection (Pre-Inspection Meeting)

Progressive manufacturing inspection is a thorough procedure whereby a manufacturer demonstrates its suitability in the manufacturing process of a complex product, obtaining a test report which endorses its quality.

audit Mill

The system of quality management of the company in its broadest sense is verified in factory audits. By means of this procedure, the company ensures that it operates in a coherent and effective way, with registered and traceable processes, ensuring the quality of the result end.