Curiosities of the environmental management systems

A Environmental management system It is a combination of processes that enable a company to reduce its environmental impacts and increase your efficiency to achieve economic, environmental and operational improvements. If your company is looking to implement an environmental management system, You must keep in mind that, previously, is due identify the opportunities for improvement you diminish the impact of businesses on the environment, of continuously.

5 basic principles of environmental management system (SGA):

  • 1: Check that there is a commitment to enterprise-wide with the SGA and also define an environmental policy.
  • 2: Design a plan of action so that they can comply with the requirements set out in the environmental policy and demanded by the standard.
  • 3: Review about what is required to meet the objectives and environmental goals to find the tools they need to continue with the environmental policy.
  • 4: Perform assessments, qualitative and quantitative periodically to check if everything is being done conforms or not to the environmental policy of the company.
  • 5: Check and try to improve environmental policy, the goals, objectives and measures taken. I mean, search for continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company.

Any company can implement an environmental management system. Previously should be a analysis of the activities, that makes the company in question. In order to identify aspects and impacts generated by the company and that affect the environment.

Then, must establish controls and propose solutions to try to reduce those impacts or control them according to what required standard. A very important point is that, both internal and external customers as all the employees of the company, get to know These new proposals for the Environmental policy.

The figure of the Professional in environmental management It appears by the need of the companies to comply with regulations to protect the environment.

Functions of professional in environmental management:
  • Minimize the impact of the companies on the environment, conduct audits and know the legislation of each country on the environment to apply them properly.
  • Analysis environmental data.
  • Identify and analyze the impacts that companies can generate on the environment. Including discharges of polluted water, emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere, soil contamination, etc.
  • Establish strategies to prevent risks and impacts and propose solutions to these environmental problems.
  • Help define environmental policies of the company in accordance with the requirements of the standard, the laws of the country and environmental ethics.
  • Get to know the legal principles and the regulatory framework related to the regulations on the environment.
  • Encourage the practice of good environmental behaviors in the enterprise.
  • Know and evaluate audit systems and environmental impacts of the company, as well as the technical and legal requirements involved in.
  • Master both the National certifications as Internationalin terms of environmental regulations in order to properly implement environmental management systems and evaluate environmental strategies.

The figure of the professional environmental management you will help both to implement a Environmental management system within your company and to follow the principle of sustainability of the resources used.

Beach toys need CE marking

Are the children safe with their Beach toys?

It begins the summer season and as a result there will be an increase in the demand for beach and pool toys. Manufacturers, importers and marketers must comply with documentation on the CE marking of toys.

In the following article we briefly why it is not the same CE marking for Beach toys toys in general.

The European Injury Database collect that: each year, in the 28 The European Union Member States approximately one occur 52.000 injuries in children of between 0 and 14 years, you require health care, related with toys without CE marking.

CE marking for toys

Without CE marking any toy could cause accidents and serious problems to the health of children. For example, one of the key directives for CE marking of toys is the directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys.

The CE marking is a mandatory for all kinds of toys requirement, including the beach toys. ES, In addition, essential for the majority of products, but emphasizes its vital importance for products where the health and safety of the user can engage directly, as it is the case of the CE marking of toys or medical devices CE marking. CE marking of children's toys is essential for the direct relationship of the product with the children.

Last July of 2017, the consumers Union of Andalusia (UCA-UCE), among others, they sent an urgent statement to announce that more than the 80% water toyss that this summer would be used at beaches and swimming pools, from Asian markets, "they did not meet European Union safety standards", with the risk of accident and of danger to the health of the child and the adult that this entails.

With CE marking beach toys

Manufacturers need to understand before making, What are the policies that apply to their products and designed in accordance with them.

The European manufacturer is obliged to certify your product for security assurances in the use of the product to the consumer. These guarantees at the same time, protect you as a manufacturer already your product, officially, complies with all the technical and legal requirements governing the Toys CE marking.

For example, the diving glasses or swimming goggles are not considered toys but personal protective equipment therefore apply les directives that affect personal protective equipment CE marking. However, ring without seat floats, balls of plastic that floats or buckets and shovels digging considering toys.

Safety in children

  • Choice of toy suitable depending on age of the package recommendation.
  • Supervision to the children when they play with toys.
  • Make sure that the toys for children under eight years do not have sharp edges of glass or metal.
  • Check if the CE seal containing the toy is the CE marking or the seal of China Export.
  • Watch as the child of 36 months do not handle small parts.

How to obtain CE marking for toys

Burotec is one expert in CE marking consulting with a long history working with manufacturers. We take care of processing all the documentation you need a manufacturer to get CE marking. Calls to the (+34) 913 76 89 50 or write to

What is the ROHS directive 2 and does this affect to the CE marking?

In the next article we will define what is the ROHS directive 2 and its importance of the application (2011/65/EC directive) so the product that you want to market meets the requirements of CE marking.

The change of the RoHS directive the RoHS directive 2 has affected the production of a large number of electrical and electronic devices from approval. However, the implementation of the directive has been gradual for support to, the European manufacturers, adapt seamlessly to the new demands.

Definition of ROHS directive 2

The RoHS2 directive is an updated version of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and makes reference to the restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing. The current RoHS2 unlike last RoHS directive, includes to:

  • Large and small household appliances / Computer and telecommunications equipment.
  • Consumer electronics / Lamps and lighting fittings / Toys / medical devices.
  • And other equipment not included in above categories.

It is necessary to comply with a team expert in electrical and electronic engineering to analyze the details of the policy for the specific application in each product.

All of them, Although excluded from the implementation of the RoHS directive 2, they must comply with the rest of directives which will apply the market requires CE marking to putting them into circulation.

Teams that must adapt this year:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment, not included in other categories (quoted above). The adaptation period expires the 22/07/2019.

Prohibited substances

The new directive determines that any electrical or electronic device may contain these substances between its components:

  • Lead (PB)
  • Hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)
  • Cadmium (CD)
  • Ether polybrominated diphenyl (PBDE)

List of equipment which should be already adapted:

  • Medical equipment and monitoring and control instruments from the 22/07/2014.
  • In vitro diagnostic medical equipment from the 22/07/2016.
  • Industrial monitoring and control instruments from the 22/07/2017

CE marking of electrical product

In Burotec We are experts in CE marking. We know about the requirements of the current legislation applicable to your product. Facilitating the processes for obtaining CE marking, no unforeseen. The CE marking is the certificate of European conformity that certifies that a product complies with all regulations that are applicable to be marketed with full guarantees of safety and quality in the European market. In this sense, the application of the new RoHS directive 2 to the EEA (electric or electronic apparatus) It introduces changes in the obtaining of new requirements for the Declaration of conformity and CE marking.

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Sustainable mobility in the urban environment. Fair VEM2018

The 1, 2 and 3 June is celebrated the Feria de Madrid electric vehicle (VEM2018), its fourth edition in the Plaza de Colón. In the VEM FORUM, aspects related to the actions of the different public institutions to promote electric vehicle will be analyzed, "the industrial transformation of the automotive, the new models of urban mobility and electromobility as axis of energy efficiency in cities such as Madrid, that you are demanding increasingly higher electrical consumption".

The VEM Forum event, sponsored by Bosch, IBERDROLA and PSA Group and organised by Aedive along with the Madrid City Council and the collaboration of the portal, This event will be held in the Auditorium Center Cibeles music box on Thursday 31 may and its entrance is free with capacity limited at time of 9:00 to 15.00 hours.

Organizers report the objective of the Forum VEM: "it is catch the actions and strategies that are taking place and which will shortly be undertaken by the Madrid City Council, the Madrid regional government, the EMT of the capital and the Ministry of industry".

The VEM Forum program

The VEM Forum revolves around three roundtables on the industrial challenge of e-mobility, the shared use of vehicles 100% electric urban mobility and urban electric vehicle energy management.

Also, There will be space for two projects "tremendous interest" to the community of Madrid, one industrial: the Civitas Eccentric and the project ' Life Gystra: Remote sensing', for the real measurement of pollutant emissions in vehicles.

Finally the process that are starring in the manufacturers of electric vehicles will be treated, that they are erecting in mobility solutions providers. It will also discuss about the consequences of the application of information and communication technologies and business models (TICs) electric mobility and energy management for electric vehicle.

Electric mobility

In BUROTEC We work to provide a solution to a new form of mobility based on the electric vehicle. We propose new models of mobility more competitive, from an economic point of view, social and environmental, through the application of new management technologies that solve the integration of electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure. Our company's consulting and engineering of electric mobility, It aims to be a reference for all those company or companies with fleets of vehicles that have arisen to acquire electric vehicles, as well as for managing parking companies, need the installation of recharging terminals and want to offer its customers a service of electric recharge.

We are committed to sustainable mobility and want to become a leader and European reference years, in the provision of all services related to the recharging of electric vehicles, installation and management of intelligent recharging infrastructure, collaborating in the development of this type of vehicles with criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.


Here are some types of electric vehicles that exist in the market.

BEV: Vehicle with plug-in rechargeable electric battery

HEV: Hybrid electric vehicle, the battery only will recharge using the conventional engine

PHEV: Hybrid electric vehicle with plug-in rechargeable battery

REEV: Vehicle with rechargeable electric plug and motor conventional exclusively to recharge battery

VEGF: Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle

We offer the infrastructure necessary to charge the battery of your electric vehicle in the comfort of your garage (family or community) and with maximum safety. Do not hesitate to consult with us by calling to the 91 376 89 50 or by writing to


Spain aims to reduce CO2 emissions

According to the Spanish Association of operators of petroleum products (AOP) AND KMPG, in the report"Perspective for the reduction of emissions of C02 in Spain to 2030. The role of petroleum products", It shows that they can be achieved with efficient cost objectives.

The study highlights the importance of implanting measures with the greatest potential emission reduction to the lower coast to society as a whole in order to meet the objectives of reduction of CO2 emissions in an efficient manner, without imposing additional costs to consumers. The Secretary of State for energy, Daniel Navia, his defence told the need to implement measures that take into account the maturity of the technologies available to reduce CO2 emissions. Navia considers that in 2030 they will have to be reduced, at least in a 40% GHG emissions with regard to the of 1990, renewables must represent the 27% of the total energy consumption, and get at least to the 27% improvement of energy efficiency.

Also mentioned the role that they can play mature technologies, the Secretary of State for energy commented that it is best "wait for the optimal time to incorporate technologies based on development". Navia considered to carry out a gradual transition to new energies "leaning on the domestic industry" so that Spain is not "a mere user of foreign technologies".

The study reflects that internal combustion of gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrids, "the relative cost of a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is lower than other alternative technologies". In addition mentions that the electric vehicle "you can play its role in the" reduction of CO2 emissions at the end of the Decade of 2020 without subsidy"". Warns the AOP study demonstrates the existence of alternatives that will achieve the objectives more efficiently with one cost less to society.




Training in prevention is cheaper that failure to do so

"The costs direct and indirect who have occupational accidents are equivalent to the 3% of the internal gross product of Spain, that in 2017 added 1,16 billion euro". Not to mention the incalculable cost in human lives.

Training in occupational risk prevention is fundamental for a company. It is to transmit knowledge, equip with skills and attitudes that enable a person to reproduce a desired behavior, and integrate those elements enabling it to analyse a situation and react properly to certain circumstances.

Invest in this type of training is cheaper than doing it. Among other things because, an industrial accident avoided is, input, Remove personal and economic losses both to the company and society. ES, In addition to the companies obligation, one of the rights of the worker.

According to the article 19 of the law of prevention of occupational risks, the employer shall ensure that each worker receives a theoretical and practical training, sufficient and appropriate, in prevention, both at the time of their recruitment, matter what mode or duration of the, When changes in the functions that perform or new technologies or changes be introduced in work teams. Training must be provided, whenever possible, within the working day o, failing, in other hours but with the discount on that of the time spent in the same. The economic cost will not fall in any case on the team.

Using a good risk prevention, the work is more fluid Since workers are focused, only and exclusively, in carrying out its performance. Like this, leave aside the nerves by potential hazards, now minimized and, consequent to the performance, the quality and profitability increase.