Burotec starts its activity in 1989 being originated engineering and consulting.

Since its inception, focuses its activity on the international technical assistance for business from around the world coming to offer their products-services to the Union European.

Since its inception it diversifies its offer specializing in product approvals first, CE marking later. Doing more than 10.000 records of industrial products, technological, telecommunications, construction, health care product; and specializing is furthermore in engineering and assistance technical, construction management, control of safety among others.

In 1991 Burotec It creates a company specializing in the prevention of occupational risks, getting accreditation from the Ministry of working Spanish for PRL at security, hygiene, ergonomics and health.

In 1994 Burotec get accreditation from the national accreditation of the Kingdom of Spain ENAC entity to exercise the activity of regulatory inspection on the industrial area and environmental area.

Since the beginning of the activity of Burotec, For more than 28 years, It has based its activity on a customer-focused philosophy working with major multinationals from around the world in various OIL sectors & GAS, Medical devices , The construction product , automotive, Telecommunication, Energy and environment among others.

Burotec It has a manual in which based their work processes and quality which is available to all our customers.

Burotec - Group History
Burotec - Group History