GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR), is a tool of exploration of the basement not intromisiva (non-destructive), high resolution, using technical geophysical.

It's a system based on the emission and reception of electromagnetic waves in the ground capable of producing an image of the elements that are under the same, as well as the ability to infer the type of material we have under the equipment.

The prospecting with GPR detects those changes that are produce in them properties electromagnetic of them materials of the soil, These properties are defined by a series of parameters that, in conjunction with the characteristics of the emitted wavelength, determine the propagation of energy by the Middle (analysis of the reflections of electromagnetic waves that occur when there are variations in the dielectric constant of the ground).

The range of depths ranges from a few centimeters up to thirty meters, However this depends on the type of terrain and their dielectric constants.

The results obtained indicate the position and depth of the services detected in a screen called radargrama.

The same is possible the processing three-dimensional of the results

  • Civil works
    • Detection of buried affected services: water and gas pipes, electric and telephone cables, sanitation, deposits collectors, graves (metallic and non-metallic elements)
    • Detection of cavities, cavities and underground structures
    • Determination of thickness of inserts
    • Control of quality in the building on elements buried
    • Expertise of solar prior or posteriori of its acquisition
  • Environment
    • Detection and mapping of underground pollution
    • Studies from the field
    • Detection limits of landfills
    • Environmental impact studies service, studies of the medium
  • mining
    • Location of veins and veins of aggregates for gravel pits, determination of thickness
  • Geophysical studies
    • Prevention of geological hazards


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Inspection of the subsurface using GPR