Collaboration agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the USA

In 2014, Burotec decided to expand his business to the United States. Due to his experience in the Oil sector & Gas, BUROTEC USA LLC was founded in Houston, Texas. From Houston, a group of employees began to work side by side with American companies in the energy sector. Achieved the expected success, signing contracts, having an important presence in the area.

Now, to relaunch the Houston delegation in this new post-covid stage, Burotec considered it essential to have the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce to make itself known again to companies established in the United States, both in the Oil sector & Gas as in the Product Certification.

Taking advantage of the previous knowledge of the area and the opportunities offered by this new relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, Burotec you are looking forward to offering your best strategic consulting services, CE marking, international management of quality brands and Third Part Inspection within the Burotec Group.


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