What is the CE marking?

The Mercado EC It exposes that the product has been evaluated before placing on the market and which, Therefore, It meets the essential legal requirements to be sold.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer carry out the conformity assessment, create the technical file, issue the EC declaration of conformity and carry out the CE labelling of the product. Distributors they should check the CE marking as well as the required supporting documentation. If the product is being imported from a third country, the importer It has to verify the non-EU manufacturer has taken the necessary measures and that documentation is available in the case of be requested


Standard CE marking logo:

A product that has the CE marking, It is a product that complies with the regulatory requirements of the harmonized standards and may be marketed in any Member State of the European Union market.


CE marking documentation includes:

  • Simplified labels to be placed on the product or on the packaging.
  • Technical documentation with declared product characteristics or supplementary documentation.


EC manufacturer's declaration

The manufacturer or his authorized representative established legally in the EU has the responsibility for conducting the CE Declaration of conformity, which is set and declares that the product to be marketed is in conformity with the regulatory requirements of the harmonised standards or technical specifications according to the application and the intended use of the product.

This declaration must be signed by an authorized person and specify the following information:

Name and address of the manufacturer or his legal representative in European Union and place of production.

Description of the product and applicable standard.

Features that the product is in conformity according to annex ZA of the harmonised standards.

Applicable conditions according to the intended use of the product.

Number of the certificate of conformity CE.

Name and position of the person authorized to sign the Declaration of CE-conformity.

Request information in relation to the CE marking, Mercado EC, CE certification of your product in the phone +34 91 3768950, or send a fax +34 91 3730152 either by e-mail inFo@bUrotEc.Es