Curiosities of the environmental management systems

A Environmental management system It is a combination of processes that enable a company to reduce its environmental impacts and increase your efficiency to achieve economic, environmental and operational improvements. If your company is looking to implement an environmental management system, You must keep in mind that, previously, is due identify the opportunities for improvement you diminish the impact of businesses on the environment, of continuously.

5 basic principles of environmental management system (SGA):

  • 1: Check that there is a commitment to enterprise-wide with the SGA and also define an environmental policy.
  • 2: Design a plan of action so that they can comply with the requirements set out in the environmental policy and demanded by the standard.
  • 3: Review about what is required to meet the objectives and environmental goals to find the tools they need to continue with the environmental policy.
  • 4: Perform assessments, qualitative and quantitative periodically to check if everything is being done conforms or not to the environmental policy of the company.
  • 5: Check and try to improve environmental policy, the goals, objectives and measures taken. I mean, search for continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company.

Any company can implement an environmental management system. Previously should be a analysis of the activities, that makes the company in question. In order to identify aspects and impacts generated by the company and that affect the environment.

Then, must establish controls and propose solutions to try to reduce those impacts or control them according to what required standard. A very important point is that, both internal and external customers as all the employees of the company, get to know These new proposals for the Environmental policy.

The figure of the Professional in environmental management It appears by the need of the companies to comply with regulations to protect the environment.

Functions of professional in environmental management:
  • Minimize the impact of the companies on the environment, conduct audits and know the legislation of each country on the environment to apply them properly.
  • Analysis environmental data.
  • Identify and analyze the impacts that companies can generate on the environment. Including discharges of polluted water, emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere, soil contamination, etc.
  • Establish strategies to prevent risks and impacts and propose solutions to these environmental problems.
  • Help define environmental policies of the company in accordance with the requirements of the standard, the laws of the country and environmental ethics.
  • Get to know the legal principles and the regulatory framework related to the regulations on the environment.
  • Encourage the practice of good environmental behaviors in the enterprise.
  • Know and evaluate audit systems and environmental impacts of the company, as well as the technical and legal requirements involved in.
  • Master both the National certifications as Internationalin terms of environmental regulations in order to properly implement environmental management systems and evaluate environmental strategies.

The figure of the professional environmental management you will help both to implement a Environmental management system within your company and to follow the principle of sustainability of the resources used.