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ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

The implementation of a system of management based on the family of standards ISO and its rear certification are undoubtedly actions that lead to a company to differentiate is of the rest and take advantage in the market, Since it is shown that the management of the company follows a quality standards.



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    Under Norma ISO management systems

    • ISO quality system 9001.
    • ISO environmental management system 14001.
    • Energy efficiency ISO system 50001.
    • Safety at work based on ISO management system 45001.
    • The ISO information security management systems 27000.
    • Quality management system for medical devices ISO 13485.
    • Food safety ISO management systems 22000.
    • Good practices of manufacture for cosmetic products ISO 22716.
    • Other specific systems consulting.

    Advantages of implementing ISO system

    • Efficient management.

    • Compliance with regulations that we apply.

    • Improve communication with suppliers.

    • Improvement of bids and contracts.

    • Improvement of corporate image.

    • Increase in market share.

    • Definition of indicators which allows us to measure the improvement.

    • Certification by third party system.

    Do we offer?

    • An initial diagnosis of your organization. Study of the current state.
    • Manual design of quality and operating manuals of its activity according to ISO.
    • Implementation of the system and advice throughout the process.
    • Training for the proper development of the system.
    • Implementation of specific software systems development.
    • Internal audit, to assess the level of compliance of the system.
    • Accompaniment in the certification .
    • Consultancy focused on the improvement of their processes with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in their departments and excellent quality.


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