Universal accessibility day - links 170001

Last Monday 25 September of 2017, BUROTEC He organized the day along with Bureau Veritas Spain and PREDIF ""Universal accessibility of compulsory starting from the 4 December of 2017"" in the multi-purpose halls of the Ministry of health, Social services and equality.

On the day could explain to attendees that all establishments of public premises must be accessible from the 4 December of 2017 According to Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013, of 29 November. This was intended to raise awareness of the importance of universal accessibility and explain what are the possible steps to achieve. Came to the conclusion that the most effective solution for compliance with universal accessibility is to have implemented and certified the norm UNE 170001.

On the picture the Director of quality, Environment and the Group PRL BUROTEC, Doña Concepción Bausela, giving the presentation of the advantages of the implementation of the standard UNE 170001 Universal accessibility.