The Directive 2014/53/EU sets out the guidelines to be followed by Communication terminal equipment and radio equipment.

This directive means as such to products that allow communication, or a relevant component thereof, intended to be connected directly or indirectly by any means to interfaces of public telecommunications networks.

Directive 2014/30/EU on Electromagnetic Compatibility (Emc) electrical and electronic equipment. This Directive requires these devices to comply with the minimum safety requirements for immunity and disturbance in compliance with European legislation in this regard. The manufacturer ,importer or his trade representative in the E.U.. they should prepare an EU Declaration of Conformity with the Directives that apply to the product by making sure that they have the corresponding technical dossier and verification tests with standards , unable to distribute in the E.U.. electrical products - electronics that do not have the CE Marking.

Directive 2014/35/EU on low voltage electrical equipment(LVD) requires CE Marking and EU Declaration of Conformity if it is fed at a voltage between 50 1000V with alternating current and/or between 75 and 1500V in direct current. To place the CE Marking the manufacturer , importer or legal representative in the EU should prepare technical documentation to assess product compliance with the requirements of the Directive as well as verification with applicable standards.

To be able to market such equipment is necessary comply with the directive, through one of the procedures described in this, be appropriate in each case. The elaboration of the technical construction file is common to all of them, the EU Declaration of Conformity and the CE Marking of the team.

Professional Burotec technicians will attend to your case quickly and effectively, adapting the rules to the specific characteristics of your product, informing you in each step of the certification process.


Services offered by BUROTEC

The identification of the directive and standard application consulting, as well as the most appropriate conformity assessment module.

Preparation of the technical documentation required by the directive (s) applying.

Trials of lab and management with agencies notified.

Declaration CE of conformity and indications for the marking of the equipment.

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