Sustainable mobility in the urban environment. Fair VEM2018

The 1, 2 and 3 June is celebrated the Feria de Madrid electric vehicle (VEM2018), its fourth edition in the Plaza de Colón. In the VEM FORUM, aspects related to the actions of the different public institutions to promote electric vehicle will be analyzed, "the industrial transformation of the automotive, the new models of urban mobility and electromobility as axis of energy efficiency in cities such as Madrid, that you are demanding increasingly higher electrical consumption".

The VEM Forum event, sponsored by Bosch, IBERDROLA and PSA Group and organised by Aedive along with the Madrid City Council and the collaboration of the portal, This event will be held in the Auditorium Center Cibeles music box on Thursday 31 may and its entrance is free with capacity limited at time of 9:00 to 15.00 hours.

Organizers report the objective of the Forum VEM: "it is catch the actions and strategies that are taking place and which will shortly be undertaken by the Madrid City Council, the Madrid regional government, the EMT of the capital and the Ministry of industry".

The VEM Forum program

The VEM Forum revolves around three roundtables on the industrial challenge of e-mobility, the shared use of vehicles 100% electric urban mobility and urban electric vehicle energy management.

Also, There will be space for two projects "tremendous interest" to the community of Madrid, one industrial: the Civitas Eccentric and the project ' Life Gystra: Remote sensing', for the real measurement of pollutant emissions in vehicles.

Finally the process that are starring in the manufacturers of electric vehicles will be treated, that they are erecting in mobility solutions providers. It will also discuss about the consequences of the application of information and communication technologies and business models (TICs) electric mobility and energy management for electric vehicle.

Electric mobility

In BUROTEC We work to provide a solution to a new form of mobility based on the electric vehicle. We propose new models of mobility more competitive, from an economic point of view, social and environmental, through the application of new management technologies that solve the integration of electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure. Our company's consulting and engineering of electric mobility, It aims to be a reference for all those company or companies with fleets of vehicles that have arisen to acquire electric vehicles, as well as for managing parking companies, need the installation of recharging terminals and want to offer its customers a service of electric recharge.

We are committed to sustainable mobility and want to become a leader and European reference years, in the provision of all services related to the recharging of electric vehicles, installation and management of intelligent recharging infrastructure, collaborating in the development of this type of vehicles with criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.


Here are some types of electric vehicles that exist in the market.

BEV: Vehicle with plug-in rechargeable electric battery

HEV: Hybrid electric vehicle, the battery only will recharge using the conventional engine

PHEV: Hybrid electric vehicle with plug-in rechargeable battery

REEV: Vehicle with rechargeable electric plug and motor conventional exclusively to recharge battery

VEGF: Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle

We offer the infrastructure necessary to charge the battery of your electric vehicle in the comfort of your garage (family or community) and with maximum safety. Do not hesitate to consult with us by calling to the 91 376 89 50 or writing to